Parents who fail to support child support may be subject to seizure of property or sale

Parents who fail to support child support may be subject to seizure of property or sale

In the event that a parent knows of the birth of a minor, it is required by law to be responsible for alimony and all the rights with which a minor has, otherwise he may be sued by his partner to fulfill his obligations. obligations, according to the criteria of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

In the event that the parent does not comply with the rights of the child, the child may be sued even when the child has reached the age of majority.

There are more and more cases like that of an 18-year-old lady who sued her father for recognition of paternity, for which the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) gave her the document of filiations.
He added that upon receiving the genetic fingerprint, the SCJN sentenced the father to all pensions due and not paid, under the heading that he did know of the daughter’s existence, since otherwise, when the father does not know about it, he is not forced to comply with it.

He stressed that a child since it is conceived and has a document that proves the filiations, which is the birth certificate, the parent can be sued for alimony to cover all the needs even cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana for example, and in case the judge says so. Has decreed and does not comply with it, you can resort to an enforcement of payment of pensions due and unpaid, even reach an embargo.

We usually go on movable and immovable property but when they do not have it, the salary can be seized. This is a case provided for in the Civil Code and I have already garnished wages, I leave the minimum for subsistence to the debtor, from there comes alimony and a small part more to pay what you owe by not meeting the alimony.

Among other things we also talk about controversies of character of surrogate motherhood, artificial insemination, in vitro reproduction, among others, then there we are talking about that there are legal gaps in Mexican law but likewise these are provided in catalogs and laws of international character, which would then be applicable as comparative law.

To the legally protected right, what interests him is the stability of the minor, of the children, due to his vulnerable nature, so that he is always sheltered and protected by the state without distinction of the modalities by which people of the same gender, or no, they could have to procreate children “as long as they comply with the requirements that the same law establishes in order to give that legally protected right to every minor”.