4 Reasons Why you Should Call a NJ Oil Tank Removal Company

4 Reasons Why you Should Call a NJ Oil Tank Removal Company

New Jersey is a beautiful state that homeowners take great pride in. According to an article by the National Association of Realtors, New Jersey homeowners rank in the top five as those who perform home improvements tasks that go above and beyond the norm. One of the best yet overlooked tasks a New Jersey homeowner can perform is to call an oil tank removal and inspection company to come out and evaluate their property.

Get Tax Cuts or Credits

The state of New Jersey grants tax cuts and credits for homeowners who meet certain eco-friendly qualifications. For example, if you use solar panels on your home you get a tax credit each year. NJ also has its Green Driver Incentives where residents are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly cleaner driving habits for those who use electric cars and fuel-efficient autos. Having oil tank inspection and removal may fall under one of New Jersey’s many green incentive drives; contact your local government office to see if you could take advantage of an amazing offer.

Increase the Resale Value of your Property

When oil tanks leak into one’s property a whole slew of contamination problems can occur. Oil tank removal and soil remediation can be expensive, and considering the fact that most older homes had oil tanks for their heating source at the turn of the century, buyers often look for price tag reductions in older homes or the homes themselves are undervalued due to this concern. If you have oil tank inspection performed, you have a much better chance of selling your older home at full asking price. You can even make a powerful statement showing buyers that you had your oil tank removed by having it cleaned and repurposed into a fun planter!

Make Your Home Stand Out from the Rest at Resale with Oil Tank Removal

In addition to increasing your home’s value, oil tank removal will give it massive appeal. Your realtor can list your property as one with a certified oil tank removal statement giving buyers peace of mind. This will make your home stand out amongst the old charmers built at the turn of the century because buyers can get a home that is a piece of history while knowing there is zero chance of that history leaking petroleum and toxins into the ground where their children play.

Do a Solid for Mother Nature

When you remove a leaking oil tank you are helping to protect our planet. Oil tank leakage can have a disastrous impact on your soil’s fertility, groundwater, trees and plants, and on wildlife. The last thing you need is to find a dozen squirrel corpses on your property who died from exposure to a leaking oil tank. New Jersey is known as The Garden State in part for its beautiful natural endowments. You can help keep NJ beautiful by removing any buried oil tanks. This will also help keep your lawn looking amazing, allow for fruitful gardens, and provide a safe healthy place for pets, children and family.