3 Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship with Your Divorce Lawyer

3 Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship with Your Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is extremely stressful and brimming with mixed emotions. When you got married you likely thought the union would last forever. Not only is your planned life together coming to an end, but the emotional and financial weight of the ordeal can weigh you down with great stress. If you have kids, properties, a business, investments and real estate the divorce can be even more complicated and add multiple new layers of stress to the mix. Clearly, your goal is to find the best divorce lawyer for your case, and even if you have the right intentions, the stress of a divorce can cause you to unknowingly sabotage your working relationship with your family law attorney and potentially dent your divorce case. Here are three common ways people seeking a divorce complicate their relationship with their divorce attorney.

Way too Many Phone Calls to Your Divorce Lawyer

Making too many phone calls to your divorce lawyer can hurt you in multiple ways and sour the relationship. Keep in mind that when you hired your divorce lawyer you did so for their expertise, so have faith he is doing his job and if he has any updates to pass on, or if he needs anything, he will call you. You also need to remember that most family attorneys charge on an hourly basis, rounded off to the lawyer’s advantage. Your retainer agreement will state this. That said, every time you call you are tossing out dollars because you are taking your attorney’s time. All too often clients try to treat their lawyer like a therapist. Just remember that you are paying them to get a favorable outcome in your divorce, not to listen to how your spouse kicked the dog or rolled your car into a lake. Finally, taking unnecessary time away from your lawyer limits valuable time that could be spent on building your case. Before you begin working together set clear boundaries with communication so that you can let your lawyer have time and room to do what he does best.

You Make it Difficult for Your Divorce Attorney to Help You

Your divorce attorney is not a mind reader; it is up to you to give him ALL the information pertinent to your case, the good and the bad. When your lawyer asks for certain documents such as phone records, bills or your business books, don’t drag your feet as delaying him access to such documentation can have harmful consequences to your working relationship with him, and to your case. Also, be organized. Find out what topics you and your divorce lawyer will be talking about at your next meeting, and bring organized binders of any information that could be helpful. Make an itemized list of what you bring so your family lawyer can scan it at a high level and determine what he needs to help get you the best results.

You Ignore your Lawyer’s Advice

One sure way to shred your relationship with your lawyer and hobble your divorce case is to ignore his advise. Often people going through a divorce will act based on their emotions. Remember, you hired your lawyer to be precise and strategic, not to be an emotional ear. If your lawyer suggests a certain approach or asks for particular pieces of information, trust in your investment (lawyers aren’t cheap) and cooperate. Your lawyer wants to win your case to help you move on with your life, but to also secure another win under his belt. Anything he asks you to do will be in your best interest.